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What is Anki Cozmo?


Anki Cozmo is one of the smartest toys on the market today. It looks like a real-life Wall-E and is marketed for kids seven years old and older. There are instances in which kids catch their parents playing with the toy themselves.


When Anki introduced Cozmo on the market in 2016, it was not programmable. It only came with several AI games. However, the company updated Cozmo, and it now comes with graphical programming. The robot can now do impressive things it was unable to do before.


Advanced Sensors Lead to Better Programming


When Cozmo’s power is off, it looks like a simple construction toy truck that has a monitor on top. However, the robot is not as simple as it looks when you turn on its power. The moment it is on, the monitor will have blue pixels that represent Cozmo’s eyes.


The team from Anki wrote 1.2 million lines of code to generate hundreds of animations for the blue pixels. The robot requires time and effort to program it out of the box. The more time you invest in the toy, the more things it can do.


The first thing Cozmo will do is to recognize its owner. You need to sit still and let the robot look at you. Once the robot gets a good picture of your face, he will recognize you no matter what your expression at any given moment.


The app that comes with Cozmo shows your progress. Completing activities will earn you Cozmo energy that you can use to teach the robot new tricks. The robot comes with three cubes that it can pick up, stack, or move.


Although it is a pricey toy and parents might not want to give it to their little ones, it provides kids with a good introduction to AI programming. Adults will also want one so that they can program it for themselves.