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Google Glass becomes the Smart Visor

For the past few months, the Internet has been raving about the new Google Glass. The most expected piece of wearable technology is not exactly a dream come true, and the price is high for a product that does not have much to offer. Well, it seems that things are changing with the new move Google has made.

Recently, Google hired Max Ratner, a former engineer from Apple, who promises to take Google Glasses to the next level. In 2014 Google tried to push the Glasses onto the market, but no one was impressed. The new version, however, is supposed to be the only piece of wearable technology that is actually useful.

This special project is called “Aura.” Google gathered the best of the best, important names who work to design the best products on the market. One of their first goals is to make Google Glasses more stylish and less cartoon-like. Besides, the pricey glasses need to offer more than a Smartphone in order to conquer the market and the hearts of the customers.

The expectations are very high, but the promises are big. Until now, only business men and technology-guru’s tried this piece of technology, but Google hopes to bring the Aura glasses to our day-to-day life. It can be useful on your way to work and save you the effort of taking your phone out of your pocket. There are rumors about a new, user-friendly interface that will allow a user to send commands easily, unlike the previous version. Be assured this next project from Google will be something great!