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Police test new "Howler System"

When it comes to technology upgrade to make work on the field more efficient, the Calgary police will spare no investment to stay up-to-date in the game. The new technology, the Howler System, is a revolutionary way of getting drivers’ attention to a police call.

This is how it works. Suppose you are driving your car and suddenly you feel that the steering wheel and your body begin to shake. Then you realize there is a police car at or less than 60 meters from you. The Howler system emits a low frequency that is felt at a distance of at least 60 m.  This is a way for police officers to get the attention of drivers on the streets.

Of course, concerns have been expressed on social media about how the system can damage property. A small experiment was then performed with Marie-Pier Reid and her three-month old baby. She started driving her car with the baby in a car-seat. The police car “howled” at her from a distance of 5 meters and the baby was not disturbed at all.

"I heard a kind of loud and deep noise," she expressed, “It felt like they are super close, though, it feels like they are in the car with us. It's buzzing."

According to police reports, the howler would be an addition to the siren whenever the police officer is in an emergency.  

One important thing to establish is that not everyone will be able to sense the buzzing.  It also depends on what part of the city one is located. If the place is crowded, for instance, there is a chance that the buzzing will be felt by many more people. The amount of buildings and cars might also help dissipate the vibration.

So far, there are 180 Howlers on the road. The goal is to reach 375 within the next two years.