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Informatica software company touted to double in value in 5 years

The privately held company called Informatica has said they expect to double their value within the next five years. The expectation is to double to a value of at least $10 billion. The company has been investing in big data and cloud computing. 

The company, based on Redwood City, California, was privately acquired by Permira and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) for about $5.3 billion. It provides cloud-based management tools to large corporations that include Amazon and General Electric Co. 

In early 2019, the company is planning on going public again. "We have been public for the longest time and for us to go public again is on the cards," Chief Product Officer Amit Walia said in an interview to Reuters.

The market for “integrated platform-as-a-service” is one that is dominated by corporations, such as Inc, Microsoft, and Salesforce. Informatica holds 22 percent share of this market.   “We have a 50 percent growth rate in the cloud area ... I do not think it will take us long to grow our market share in cloud to a third of the total," Walia said.

Informatica uses a revenue-sharing model through which startups can connect to various customers.  In this way, startups do not pay huge amounts of money to Informatica but instead they are required to pay Informatica a share of their revenue as they keep growing.

The strategy of the company, which generated over $1 billion revenue in 2015, has this investment in startups as part of their strategy for growth.  They are also aiming towards improving their hiring capacity and make larger investments in research and development.

Analysts believe that if the strategies are applied efficiently there is no reason to not believe Informatica will double its value in five years.